Senior DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

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It enables you to be proactive in resolving outages, abnormal behavior, and threats before they affect critical business processes. It will process the results of the host or service check and send notifications. Now, Docker creates a new container MySQL from the existing Docker image. Simultaneously, the container layer of the read-write filesystem is also created on top of the image layer. With a Docker image, any user can run the code to create Docker containers.

Is Jira a DevOps?

Open DevOps is powered by Jira Software, the #1 tool used by agile teams. Teams can focus on building and operating software while Open DevOps integrates Atlassian and partner tools automatically.

Git stash command can be used many times in the git directory. As one of the DevOps Engineer’s tasks is to help streamline processes and increase efficiency within the development team, this answer will test their collaboration and teamwork how to become a devops engineer skills. It also gives them a chance to display some of the techniques they founded in previous roles. Read on for questions that’ll help you learn more about your DevOps Engineer candidates, their experience and their skill set.

Q5. What is NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) in Nagios?

If you have attended DevOps interviews or have any additional questions you would like answered, please do mention them in our Q&A Forum. In the DevOps Interview Questions article, I have listed dozens of possible questions that interviewers ask potential DevOps hires. This list has been crafted based on the know-how of Edureka instructors who are industry experts and the experiences of nearly 30,000 Edureka DevOps learners from 60 countries. “include” is used to add a submodule or another file to a playbook. This means a code written once can be added to multiple playbooks. The changes are also passed through Jenkin’s continuous integration pipeline.

devops engineer job questions

Once you’ve resolved your merge conflicts, click Commit merge. If you have more than one merge conflict in your file, scroll down to the next set of conflict markers and repeat steps four and five to resolve your merge conflict. As an alternative to merging, you can rebase the feature branch on to master. The git command that downloads any repository from GitHub to your computer is git clone.

Software Tester Job Description

The course is designed for candidates aspiring to the post of cloud engineer, solutions architect, systems administrator, technical leads, software engineer, and DevOps engineer. This course can also be availed by freshers looking for practical training with live projects.

devops engineer job questions

As soon as they finish working on a feature, developers must integrate their code into a common repository using the continuous integration method. My interview at EPAM Anywhere was about two hours long and was quite challenging. It covered a full list of topics like CI/CD tools, my experience with cloud and on-premise, sysadmin questions related to Linux, as well as questions related to IaC, architecture, and leadership. To support operational goals and enhance awareness of the technical stack used in the production environment, this approach makes it simple to automate project service management. Depending on the corporate architecture of the project you are discussing, the specific tech stack could differ. Still, some common DevOps engineer interview questions are asked during most interviews, as provided by Yury Kachubeyeu, Systems Engineering Manager and DevOps Technical Interviewer, EPAM. DevOps are used for Production, IT operations, production feedback, and its software development.

Q3. How is DevOps different from Agile / SDLC?

Forking Workflow gives every developer side repositories, thereby supporting open source projects. Configuration Management refers to the process of controlling, identifying, planning for, and verifying the configuration items within service in support of Change Management. There are several Java frameworks that allow the creation of microservices. However, Eclipse MicroProfile and Spring Boot stand out from the herd as the two leading Java development frameworks used in DevOps for creating microservices. Although DevOps shares some similarities with the Agile methodology, which is one of the most popular SDLC methodologies, both are fundamentally different approaches to software development.

  • It includes features such as dashboards, reporting, scrum, and kanban.
  • The -r flag makes the command list individual files, rather than collapsing them into root directory names only.
  • In simple words, DevOps is the combination of the operational, development, and testing teams in process of software development.

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