Frequently Asked Questions

Question about Buying

Foreigners can buy condominium units under their own name only if the condo unit that they are purchasing has an available foreign quota up to 49% percent of the sellable size of the condominium. 49% is the maximum allocation available to foreign buyers. In case the foreign quota has already reached the 49% in a particular building, foreigners still may able to make purchase a condominium through a leasehold agreement for 30 years. 30 year leasehold contracts do have the possibility and potential to be renewed and rolled over

Note: In some cases, developers are selling a Thai Quota units at a lower price for the reason that it can only be sold to a Thai national or to a Thai registered company.

Question about renting

Yes. A foreign-owned property may be rented out. Some banks may allow you to open an account to collect the rents. You, as a non-resident, must be aware that personal income tax shall be deducted from your income earning in Thailand.

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